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GovPartners’ Covert Travelers service government and commercial clients in the transportation industry.  Our professional operatives (mystery shoppers) have years of experience working with airports, ground transportation providers, and scheduled and unscheduled airlines.


Our corporate mission is to prepare to win and perform to expand, meaning once the business is received, you must excel at performing in order for expansion.  Customer Service is critical to meeting mission objectives. What sets us apart from the traditional Mystery Shopping Companies?


  • Our mission, as you chose to assign, is how we prepare, train and execute.

  • Our training is specialized and focused within the project scope and is industry specific, including classroom and on the job training with a trainer

  • GovPartners and personnel are experienced in the industry.

  • Our reporting provides positive and deficiency feedback, promotes proactive corrective actions, and increases awareness of successful practices.


Our Covert Travelers (mystery shoppers) provide findings to our customers through surveys, but they also serve as safety ambassadors by evaluating basic safety and emergency procedures.  In an industry where safety, compliance, and customer service are critical to success, transportation providers need to know their corporate goals are being followed. Our trained and certified operatives act as your eyes and ears. They'll act as a typical customer, and report back their experience.

“Do you really know what's happening on the front line of your company, especially when you're not available? Just one employees's poor performance could waste the millions of dollars you spend getting and keeping your customers" -
Baron Hilton
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