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Special Guest Post: Where Do We Go From Here and How Do We Get There?

By: Cynthia Karnik

In business, we seldom use the phrase “connect the dots”. We use this expression to describe completing or proceeding in a series of simple and usually predictable steps to get to a conclusion, or bringing together information from different places. How can we “connect the dots” in the transportation supply chain when the spaces between are too far apart to attach?

As a Nation, we have progressed further than our ancestors could have ever imagined. Who knew the wheel would be used for so many platforms, making it a necessity for everyday living? Wheels have connected so many dots, servicing varying modes of transportation from different places. However, the modes of transportation have not been perfectly connected. How do we get from our house to the airport without the use of a car? How do we get to the metro without the use of a car? Are all options the most direct route? Where do we go, and how do we get there?

As a resident of Northern Virginia, I continue to struggle with “how to get from here to there” in the least amount of time. If I need to go to the city, should I drive, take a commuter bus, the metro, or all of the above? In the words of the Talking Heads, “And you may ask yourself where does that highway go to? And you may ask yourself…Am I right?...Am I wrong?”

The addition of Metro’s Silver Line will answer some of these questions but some of the dots will have to remain fragmented until future plans are in place.

There is good news though, a panel of experts are working hard to connect those transportation dots and they will provide guidance on where to go and how to get there.

Join us on 22 Oct to find out how.

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