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Ready For Corporate Transit?


It would seem as though Madrid, Spain is. The city’s popular metro system recently announced a partnership with Europe’s equivalent of Wal-Mart, Carrefour.

The French retailer will have its logo splattered across a variety of mediums including station stops and Madrid Metro’s exclusive mobile application which will also point out the closest Carrefour location. This may be helpful for some but for others it may seem like a slight annoyance.

Madrid’s Metro network has made similar deals in the past. Previously, campaigns with Coca-Cola and mobile carrier Vodafone have taken place and last year thousands of fliers with locations for car rental company Bluemove, were distributed by the transit system.

Honestly, if public transportation costs can be offset with advertising from corporate sponsors, then users will only benefit. Many people will gladly view or listen to an advertisement if it means receiving a discounted product or service because you can always simply ignore them.

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