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Sorry, Telepathy Doesn't Work In Customer Service

Since you can't read a customer's mind, why not just ask?

I can honestly admit that when I start shopping for a product or service, I usually don't know what I actually want. The most common of these situations typically involves me deciding what I want to eat, so I can also admit that I almost never ask my server for suggestions. Why? Sometimes I feel like a bother and other times I'm just preoccupied. Regardless, this is the waiter's problem. It shouldn't be, but because of the nature of the B2C (Business to Consumer) relationship, it is.

It is the responsibility of an organization to make sure that its client has their every need met, whether the client actually knows what those needs are or not. So what exactly is the best solution to this?

By simply asking. Research, dig deep, find out what's important to them and what isn't, and you'll find that your client base will be much happier with your services.


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