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Our experienced Covert Travelers (mystery shoppers) disguised as customers using agreed scenarios, document the observations on a customized online Situation Report (SITREP).


The reports provide a detailed objective, and accurate view of the service level from the customers’ perspective. We observe all aspects of the departure, the ride, and arrival experiences.  We provide objective, and if requested, subjective feedback.


Our findings are documented and provided to our clients within 24 hours of each observation. This enables clients to review and react immediately. Clients are able to track the data, compare reports, and share the information (pull results and data off-line for use in meetings, After Action Reviews (AARs) and presentations) in a way that is completely in their control. 


Report Delivery methods include:


  • Manual SITREP delivery – print, email or export

  • Scheduled SITREP delivery - based on customer configuration

  • Export SITREPS to – Excel, Word or PDF formats

  • Compile SITREPS into – a slide-show presentation

  • Dashboard Summaries – online system and report access/storage


Body damage at the front passenger door area

Noticeably bent front license plate

Parking lot is not clean and clear of debris and obstacles


Curb damage

Light fixture at stair is detached from the wall

Exposed electrical wiring

Driver is not wearing a seatbelt

There is no properly name display

Driver in training

Debris under the seat

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